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(= ship back again) particular person → zurückschicken; lousy temperature turned the airplane again to Heathrow → schlechtes Wetter zwang das Flugzeug zur Rückkehr nach Heathrow; they ended up turned again for the frontier → sie wurden an der Grenze zurückgewiesen

? switch down vt sep bedclothes → zurück- or aufschlagen; collar, brim → herunterklappen; corner of web site → umknicken

b. To change; come to be transformed. Made use of with to or into: The sky turned to pink at dawn. The evening became working day.

= rework, make come to be → verwandeln (in(to) in +acc); the shock turned his hair white right away → durch den Schock bekam er über Nacht weiße Haare; his success turns me environmentally friendly with envy → sein Erfolg lässt mich vor Neid erblassen; the smoke turned the walls black → der Rauch schwärzte die Wände; to show the lights down low → das Licht herunterdrehen; this incredibly hot climate has turned the milk (bitter) → bei dieser Hitze ist die Milch sauer geworden; to show a boat adrift → ein Boot losmachen und treiben lassen; his intention turned the game → sein Tor gab dem Spiel eine andere Wendung; to turn a gain (esp US) → einen Gewinn machen, einen Income einfahren (inf) ?

rotary movement, rotation - the act of rotating as if on an axis; "the rotation on the dancer saved time Using the new music"

division, segment, section - one of many parts into which some thing is thought to be divided and which alongside one another constitute an entire; "the prepared part of the Examination"; "the finance portion of the business"; "the BBC's engineering division"

(of two or more and more people) to complete something a person once the other, not concurrently. They took turns to glance following the infant. beurte neem/maak يَتَناوَب العَمَل редувам се revezar-se střídat se sich abwechseln skiftes til κάνω κτ. εκ περιτροπής turnarse, relevarse vaheldumisi (midagi) tegema به نوبت انجام دادن tehdä jtk vuorotellen faire (qqch.) à tour de rôle לִפעוֹל לְפִי תּוֹר पारी बदल कर कुछ करना izmjenjivati se felváltva végeznek vmit bergiliran skiptast á (fare a turno) 交替してやる 교대로 하다 keistis, daryti iš eilės nomainīt citam citu bergilir-gilir om beurten doen skiftes om zmieniać się przy, robić coś na zmianę په نوبت سره سرته رسول revezar-se a deal with cu rândul делать поочерёдно striedať sa medsebojno se menjavati smenjivati se turas om สลับกัน sırayla/nöbetleşe yapmak 依次 чергуватися; робити щось по черзі باري باري سے کرنا lần lượt 依次

transform - endure a adjust; become different in essence; dropping a person's or its authentic mother nature; "She transformed wholly as she grew older"; "The weather conditions Get More Information changed last evening"

eight. To vary just one's actions or attitudes adversely; become hostile or antagonistic: The peasants turned towards the cruel king.

trick - (card video games) in just one spherical, the sequence of playing cards performed by the many gamers; the high card would be the winner

This is a dynamic checklist and should in no way find a way to fulfill particular requirements for completeness. You will help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries.

turn - a time for Doing work (just after which you'll be relieved by somebody else); "it's my go"; "a spell of work"

(= get busy) soon after a brief rest, they turned to their perform once more → nach einer kurzen Pause machten sie sich wieder an die Arbeit

to turn the clock back again we won't transform the clock back → no podemos dar marcha atrás or volver al pasado

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